1. We are a state of the art veterinary hospital staffed by a dedicated doctors and paraprofessionals who are animal lovers just like you.

2. We are Fear Free™ Certified.
We currently the only Veterinary Hospital with a staff that is certified in our area. We pay attention to the emotional well-being of your pet as well as its medical, surgical, and dental needs. We do our best to make sure your pet and you have a totally excellent veterinary experience. We want to eliminate fear, anxiety and stress in our patients and instead use a Fear Free™ softer, gentler, better approach.

3. Our doctors and staff
Our Doctors and staff are simply the very best with many years of experience in all aspects of veterinary care (see their bios)

4. Service
We are a service oriented animal hospital. We try to do everything we can do to give extraordinary, exceptional and friendly service. We are truly dedicated to our patients and appreciative of their people. In short the most important thing to us is your pet and you.

5. Prices
We do our best to keep our prices affordable without compromising quality. All of our flea, tick, heartworm, and frequently used medications are priced equal to or more frequently below internet pharmacy prices.

6. Philosophy
In trying to help your pet no stone will be left unturned, no level of commitment of our time or effort is too much. We will never turn away any pet that needs to be seen today. We will always make time for you. Our goal is to provide the finest, most compassionate, and Fear Free™ veterinary care available.