A Potbelly Pig Day – Meet Gio & Clarence

Gio is a cute, cuddly and usually healthy little piggy but all of a sudden he is drinking too much water and with drinking comes urination. He’s doing too much of that too. We are doing some testing and an antibiotic trial to make sure he doesn’t have a urinary tract infection.

We might try blood tests next week but it’s hard to get a sample from this young, feisty piggy.

Clarence needed a hoof trim, usually it is something that is done on an older pig. But Clarence’s hooves grow fast mostly because he is a mainly an indoor pig. When we tried to get him to hold still he wouldn’t listen. So we lead him with promises of more food into our procedure room, and with a gentle face mask, we got him to sleep with our “magic” anesthetic gas. His pedicure was then done and he went home looking all the more gorgeous and groomed.

Dr. Jeffrey Hubsher

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