Otitis in Dogs: A New Approach for Treatment

A new innovation is now available for chronic ear infections in dogs. It’s a medication that is administered once per week.

Ear infections, also known as Otitis Externa, are very common in dogs and can be caused by a variety of factors; including allergies, mites, and hormonal imbalance.

Dogs are often predisposed to ear infections because they have deep narrow ear canals. Hair inside the ear canal and floppy ears also conspire to make ears dark, moist areas where yeast and bacteria can grow.

Traditionally, medication has been dispensed to be given in our pets ears once or twice a day for a few weeks. However, many dogs and owners don’t like this regimen.

Another option available is a product called Thermavert. It is an ear medication that gets cooled for 15 minutes in a delivery syringe. When it is cooled, it becomes a liquid which can be instilled into the ear canal where it re-gels and lasts for a week.

This is a convenient alternative and is excellent for pets or people who are unhappy with having to medicate multiple times a day.

Dr. Jeffrey Hubsher, DVM

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