I Gave My Mother A Cat

My mother lives alone and has been pretty harsh about animals until just recently. For example when my brothers cat Rocky jumped out of the window of his parked car and ran into the woods, she said it was too dangerous to look for Rocky and wanted to drive off. No doubt we found Rocky and have teased her about this incident ever since.

Last year I had an older, fat and affectionate cat for adoption, her name is Aphrodite. We were having a hard time finding a home for. I decided to give it to my mother. At first, she just fed it and complained constantly:

“The cat wants to sleep in my bed.”

“It’s too hairy.”

“There’s a mess in my bathroom from the litter.”

“Carrying the litter from the grocery store is too much for me.”

She says that the cat never leaves her alone and makes her pet it. She told me that she has to now “worry” that the cat likes the food that she buys and complains about how it was such a burden to try and please this cat, Aphrodite.

As the time passed I had kept asking if she began enjoying this lovely cat. Her answers have gone from

“No, I tolerate it..” to

“No, but it’s okay” to

“A little bit, she isn’t such a bother”.

Today I asked her again and she says “Of course I love her! It is hard not to love something that loves me so much!”

That was that. Our pets, our cats, love us and we love them back. Such short lives they live and it is full packed with joy and brings us joy in the process. In addition I am pleased that my mother is so in love. Love is a good thing no matter if it is just a cat.

Dr. Jeffrey Hubsher

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