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Posted on 03-17-2016

Our own Dr. Leitner was on the beach in Florida when he noticed a pelican walking with difficulty.

When he got closer, he saw a fish hook caught in his beak and a lot of wire wrapped around his body and wings.

Dr. Leitner was able to get some people to slowly surround the pelican then he got behind him and wrapped him in a towel. He brought him to a room at the beach club so he couldn't escape.

After showing an assistant how to hold him, he was able to dislodge the fishhook by cutting it with a wire cutter and pulling it forward through his beak. He then slowly began unraveling the wire with the weights and lures that were attached.

After removing about 15 feet of wire, Dr. Leitner examined the body and wing and determined that he was stable with no obvious injuries. He gave him some water with a straw. After a test flight on the beach, Dr. Leitner released him, and the pelican flew away unimpeded.   Nice work Dr. Leitner!

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