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A Potbelly Pig Day - Meet Gio & Clarence

Posted on 03-23-2016

Gio is a cute, cuddly and usually healthy little piggy but all of a sudden he is drinking too much water and with drinking comes urination. He’s doing too much of that too. We are doing some tes...

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A Hero on the Beach

Posted on 03-17-2016

Our own Dr. Leitner was on the beach in Florida when he noticed a pelican walking with difficulty. When he got closer, he saw a fish hook caught in his beak and a lot of wire wrapped around his bod...

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Cooper's Toe

Posted on 03-13-2016

Cooper will not stop chewing on his toe. Somehow Cooper hurt his toe; he got an abrasion on his hind foot on the middle of the pad. Cooper is a beautiful Wheaton, active and loving, but Wheaton’...

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Helping Out A Deer Friend

Posted on 03-01-2016

As soon as I walked into the door it started. Penn, a Cavalier in heart failure who was gasping for breath had just walked in. The husky, Ruby, had been in a fight with her older sister Zoey, a bi...


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As the owner of three dogs between 14 years of age and 8 months, I love Noah's Ark. Everybody from the doctors, to the vet techs and front desk staff treat my puppies as if they were their own. They've all given my dogs nothing but the best care.

Danbury, CT

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